Cyber Essentials Scheme

Acheive Cyber Essentials or Cyber Essential Plus Certification

Sec-1 is certified by CREST to provide services under the "Cyber Essentials" scheme, a government-backed, industry supported initiative to help organisations protect themselves against common cyber attacks.

Our team work on security for some of the world's best known organisations, so by working with us you benefit from the expertise of a company that is right at the forefront of the infosec industry.

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What is Cyber Essentials?

A primary objective of the UK Government's National Cyber Security Strategy is to make the UK a safer place to conduct business online. CREST has been engaged to develop an assessment framework to support the Government's "Cyber Essentials" scheme, which forms a key deliverable of this strategy.

By deploying these controls, organisations can defend against the most common form of basic cyber attacks originating from the Internet.

Some organisations will soon require the Cyber Essentials certification in order to bid for work, for example when tendering within the public sector. It's worth checking whether affects your organisation.

What does certification involve?

There are currently two levels of certification, with further levels planned. The process at each of the current levels is detailed here.

Contact us to find out more about what the levels involve.

How far does cyber essentials go with regards security?

The Cyber Essentials scheme provides a well-defined standard and is appropriate for organisations that seek to demonstrate a base level cyber security certification.

The scheme represents an industry recognised approach for an organisation to take if it wants a standalone activity and does not have a high-risk environment to secure.

However, it must be placed in the context of all good security management practice. For example, it can be used as grounding for other activities such as penetration testing where the review is more in-depth and the actual vulnerability is tested against defined and real threats.

If you feel your organisation may need more than just Cyber Essentials, as security experts we can help. We can offer sound advice on the most appropriate standards for a security review and/or risk assessment and help your organisation to determine which activities, controls, practices and certifications are right for mitigating the risks within your own unique environment.

To discuss this scheme further, or to engage Sec-1 as your Cyber Essentials certification partner, email or call us on 01924 284 240.

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‘I thoroughly enjoyed my day with Sec-1, the live hacking was a real eye opener. It showed how online tools are readily available for hackers to use, which has led me to take preventative steps to ensure this doesn't happen to our network. Overall an informative day which I would actively recommend to others.'

Paul Bargewell
Charnwood Borough Council