Content Filtering


Spam, Phishing, Kiting are methods frequently utilised to either threaten organisational sensitive data or that of company employees. Complex web applications for social and professional networking are being utilised to improve relationships and communicate with wide audience efficiently and effectively. Additional working flexibility offered by "in-the-cloud" business productivity tools increase amount of information available to workers either in the office or on the move. Each of these new ways for working broadens the scope for risk management.

Effective at the gateway or in the cloud, content filtering solutions on Email, IM, Web protect against business liability and productivity issues related to spam and uncontrolled web usage. In addition, automated awareness of the content of emails and documents leaving the business and prevent sensitive data from being lost or stolen.




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'Following (our) initial meeting Sec-1 was requested to provide a Penetration Test for the Halcrow Group. The standard of report received has resulted in Sec-1 being the provider of choice for Penetration and Application Testing for the Halcrow Group and are retained for the foreseeable future.'

David Grant
Halcrow Group