Intrusion Prevention


High value data on the network, web applications that form critical business services, and a reliance on internet availability to support revenue generation are all business drivers that require appropriate risk management. Increased exposure of network services to the Internet invites a larger risk of attack that need to be managed. Intrusion Prevention solutions form a key layer in the defence against attack offering proactive protection against the latest threats to your organisation.

We provide and implement Intrusion Prevention solutions that are balanced based on the value of the systems or data that need protecting and the realistic material threats to your business.

Our understanding of the threats through our penetration testing services places our highly skilled consultants and engineers in a unique position to recommend and implement the right solution for the needs of your organisation.



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‘I thoroughly enjoyed my day with Sec-1, the live hacking was a real eye opener. It showed how online tools are readily available for hackers to use, which has led me to take preventative steps to ensure this doesn't happen to our network. Overall an informative day which I would actively recommend to others.'

Paul Bargewell
Charnwood Borough Council