AppCheck NG

Service Overview

The AppCheck NG (Previously 'Detonator') Web Application and Infrastructure Scanner allows you to identify security flaws within your network perimeter. AppCheck NG has been designed to provide clients with the capability to carry out regular scans to identify vulnerabilities before they are exploited by a malicious attacker or internet worm. The service should be used in conjunction with security team led testing.

LATEST NEWS [08.04.14]: AppCheck NG is updated to discover Critical OpenSSL bug "HeartBleed" - Read more here.

Web Applications
Vulnerabilities within web applications pose a significant threat to your organisations network security. The growing number of automated threats from worms, hackers and botnets means there is always a potential risk.

Web application vulnerabilities are not the only threat to your network perimeter. Unpatched software, configuration weaknesses and software vulnerabilities also need to be managed effectively. The AppCheck NG Web Application and Infrastructure Scanner includes a vulnerability assessment module to perform vulnerability scans across your external network infrastructure.

AppCheck NG gives you the control to identify vulnerabilities between vulnerability assessments that, if left unchecked, could become a significant business risk.

Download a copy of the AppCheck NG overview PDF from the 'Download' section above-right. For a copy of our AppCheck NG Vs OWASP Top Ten PDF, email us



Service Outcomes

AppCheck NG's continually updated vulnerability database allows you to regularly assess your web applications and infrastructure against the latest threats. By introducing AppCheck NG to your assessment programme you can save money by reducing the regularity of manual assessments whilst increasing your security via the introduction of regular scanning.

AppCheck NG delivers comprehensive reports in an easy to use drill down format. Reports can be exported into DOCX format for ease of distribution. Discovered vulnerabilities are categorised as high, medium or low risk. Each report includes a graphical management summary, technical breakdown and detailed recommendations to remediate discovered vulnerabilities.

The information in the report allows you to prioritise where, when and how to take corrective action.


• Easy to use graphical user interface
• Clear and flexible reporting - Export reports to XML and PDF formats
• Increase security through regular scanning
• Save money - Combine with dedicated consultant led assessment and reduce costs
• No installation required, all assessment carried out over the Internet
• Clarify your results directly with the Sec-1 Assessment Team


• AppCheck NG scans both your web applications and infrastructure
• On demand and scheduled scanning - Assessment when you need it
• Detailed instructions on how to eradicate discovered vulnerabilities
• Continually updated vulnerability database


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‘I thoroughly enjoyed my day with Sec-1, the live hacking was a real eye opener. It showed how online tools are readily available for hackers to use, which has led me to take preventative steps to ensure this doesn't happen to our network. Overall an informative day which I would actively recommend to others.'

Paul Bargewell
Charnwood Borough Council