Insider Security Threats: Reducing The Risks

A high-profile news article published last week brought the risk of insider threats from current or disgruntled employees to reality. A high profile retailer suffered the loss of thousands of employee data records at the hands of an employee who has since been arrested.

This real life example and the exposure of this attack has propelled this type of threat to the forefront with a recent study by Sec-1 partner, Imperva, identifying that 70% of employees admit to accessing data which they shouldn’t.

In light of this recent news we thought you would be interested in a useful Imperva whitepaper which provides information on:

  • What is an Insider Threat?
  • The outcome of a study conducted around the effective practices when mitigating Insider Threats
  • Best Practices to mitigate against Insider Threats

Email us for a copy of the whitepaper, ‘An Inside Track on Insider Threats‘.

Imperva’s Database Activity Monitoring solution delivers an automated and scalable database auditing solution that monitors and audits all access to sensitive data across heterogeneous database platforms.

Imperva SecureSphere helps organisations demonstrate compliance with industry regulations through automated processes, audit analysis and customisable reports. In addition, Imperva SecureSphere accelerates incident response and forensic investigation with centralised management and advanced analytics.

Top 10 SecureSphere Insider Threat Mitigation Capabilities

  • Both Database and Data Discovery and Classification
  • External, Continuous Database Auditing
  • Holistic User Monitoring
  • Dynamic User Profiling
  • Web Application and Database Session Reconciliation
  • Role-based Reporting
  • Visual Analytics for Database Investigation
  • Database Protection (Database Firewall)
  • Web Application Protection (Web Application Firewall)
  • Database and Web Application Information Correlation

Find out more

  • Email us for a copy of the whitepaper ‘An Inside Track on Insider Threats
  • Watch the Database Activity Monitoring video here.
  • For more information on the Imperva solutions, call us on 01924 284 240 or email
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